Our Patron Saint-St. Joseph the Worker

Foster Father of Jesus

We call on St. Joseph the worker for strength to strive in a world filled with mindless pleasures and distractions. May he support us in our work and guard us in restful and restorative leisure. May we, with God's grace, find the courage to live like St. Joseph..

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The Holy Family

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Excerpt from The Catholic Gentleman,"St Joseph: The Model of Manhood"by Sam Guzman

St. Joseph is known “the worker.” He worked so hard that work is forever identified with his name. He wasn’t a lazy procrastinator, and he didn’t idolize comfort and ease as we so often do. He labored with his hands to provide for his wife and Son, and no task was too insignificant for him. He poured his body and soul into his daily duties, and this work was an act of worship and prayer. As men, we are called to embrace our work like St. Joseph, no matter how mundane it may be. Whether we are business professionals, in the military, craftsman, graphic designers, professors, writers, or anything else we can glorify God with the labor of our minds and bodies.