Get Involved

Would you like to know more about posting an ad with us? Here's how it works. 

The first step is for you to contact Joel Peddle or Ginia Taylor at or by phone. When you contact us, we will have a short conversation with you to ascertain your needs and goals.

If an ad with Knights for Neighbors is right for you, we will ask that you email Ginia the following information to be posted on the ad:

1.  The name and field of your business, service, or organization. 

2. A short (1-2 sentences) description of what you offer. This is your marketing statement. 

3.  Your professional contact information, especially your phone number and email address. 

4.  Links to your website and professional social media profiles, especially LinkedIn and Facebook.

5.  A professional photo of you. Because we are a community-building enterprise, you have the option to send us a group picture of your family in addition to your headshot. You also have the option to identify your spouse and children by name in the ad if you wish.      

6.  Three photos of your work if you have them. Individuals seeking employment are asked to send their resume.

7.  The names of your favorite saints or heroes from the Bible.

8.  Your favorite sport, quote, book, vacation destination, or similar trivia, 

After we receive this information, Ginia will create a sample ad for you within 5 business days. You will receive from her a link to a password-protected advertisement that only you can see. This is a draft for you to review.

Email Ginia any revisions to your draft. She will make the requested changes and email you again with the revised, published link to your ad.

Please let us know if you receive employment or a substantial increase in traffic as a result of someone seeing your ad. Then we can add your story to our success metrics and the Success Stories page!  

If you secure a paying contract or gainful employment as the result of someone seeing your ad on this website, we leave it to you to donate something to us as a courtesy commission.  The amount would be up to you!  We are glad to help you succeed.